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Dodo Pad diaries and calendars

Lord Dodo’s fabulous 2015 week-to-view Diary and Calendar Range
& our month-to-view Planner Calendar

The Dodo Pad 2015 range

The 2015 Dodo Pad range is available in no less than seven different size formats to cater for every taste and organisational need. Choose from the week-to-view original family desk diary (spiral bound or loose-leaf), Mini Dodo Pad, Dodo Wall Pad Calendar, A5 and Personal Organiser Filofax compatible refills, our our biggest Dodo Pad, the UNIVERSAL A4/US Letter size loose-leaf diary refill - that also comes with an optional clear binder. Alternatively if you prefer a month-to-view organiser, choose our big wall hanging Planner Calendar.

The Dodo Pad will be 50 next year (it's our #dodojubilee) and we plan to P A R T Y! It is Britain's best loved and longest lived family diary-organizer-planner-calendar - ideal for a family of up to five people (extra family members may, at your discretion, be marginalised). It's designed so that each person’s weekly activities can be seen with plenty of room on the opposite page for notes and the occasional (or regular) doodle. The variety of diary and calendar formats will suit various sizes of desk, pocket, briefcase or Filofax. Please click on the links to see the individual products below.

How to use a dodo pad diary

Lord Dodo warns you however that this style of family organiser is highly addictive; a few long-term users are known to have tried to kick the Dodo Pad habit, only to return (much relieved) to this most desirable organizer after just a few fleeting months away.

  • Calendar year format: January – December 2015
  • 53 weekly grids, each divided into daily sections with five columns, with perforated corners to mark the current week (desk, loose-leaf and mini formats)
  • Week numbers noted on each weekly grid
  • A largely blank page opposite for jottings and doodles
  • 100gsm 'excellent for writing on... even in fountain pen' absorbent paper
  • Includes all UK, USA, Australian, New Zealand and Canadian Public Holidays and many religious holidays
  • Moon phases shown so you know when the moon will light the sky :)
  • Humorous illustrations, quotes and unusual anniversaries scattered throughout
  • Forward year planners for 2015 and 2016 plus clear planning space
  • Indodispensible data section to record important telephone numbers/email addresses etc.
  • Handy ‘Stuff and Store’ pouch to hold critical pieces of paper and, should you so desire, to keep the ‘Small-but-Perfectly-Formed’ Slimline Dodo Address Book

For sizes and measurements of Dodo Pad diary/calendar formats, please click here or on the individual product images below or call us on 0345 053 1166 (during UK business hours) if you need help in deciding which is best for you!

If you would like a 2014 edition (bright yellow cover) we still have a few copies left in most formats. Please see Special Offers or call us on 0345 634 6272 to order! If you want to order a 2015 edition and need a 2014 edition to cover you until 1st January, call us on 0345 053 1166 mentioning this offer, and we will send you one* COMPLETELY FREE with your 2015 edition. *Subject to availability, this refers to formats already on Special Offer.

Harrassed mothers


Family Diary, Wall Calendar, Weekly Organizer, Year Planner Research

The Dodo Pad's team of social researchers calculates that out of every ten harassed mothers, six are harassed because they can't remember what it was they know they have forgotten; four have remembered they have an appointment, a meeting or a family whatever, but have lost the piece of paper they wrote down the note or time on. Thanks to the Dodo Pad diary these causes of anxiety, at least, have now been eliminated.

Not only for the family

not just for family usecan be used by anyone!

Lord Dodo's famous and utterly indodispensable Dodo Pad diary is not only intended for family use. This handy diary/organiser/planner/memo/doodle pad can be used by batchelors, spinsters, delivering tradesmen, teenagers, business executives or indeed by anyone who has a number of different things to remember every day of the week.

On or off the Wall?

Dodo Wall Pad and Dodo Planner Calendar

Choose either:

The Dodo Wall Pad. A weekly calendar – just like the Dodo Pad diary – for those who like to organise and plan life from the wall... OR

The Dodo Planner Calendar - our MONTHLY wall planner with 5 columns, taking fresh inspiration each year from the Dodo Pad diary.

in the net

Lord Dodo and his inspired research team at Dodo Products Inc. took a giant leap forward some years back and created the Dodo Wall Pad. Once securely hammered into a wall, the fear that this calendar might be stolen by friends, neighbours or relatives who are unable to resist its bright colours and brilliant jokes will be removed forever (or at least for the rest of the year).

This most marvellous of Lord Dodo's inventions now rivals the Dodo Pad family desk diary in homes where a fixed and immutable position is preferred. Like the Dodo Pad diary it can be complemented by a unique repositionable clear acetate page marker ('dodivider') to banish the repetition of regular appointments and committments.

If however you prefer to 'see the entire MONTH at a glance' then Lord Dodo guarantees the same security for his new Dodo Planner Calendar, as that enjoyed by users of the original Dodo Wall Pad. Click on the Dodo Planner Calendar below for more details and to order.


Look inside

Search inside or take a peek at the latest Acad-Pad and Dodo Pad diaries and wall calendars

Lord Dodo is dodelighted to offer you the chance to search inside, take a peek and look through a series of sample pages from his latest Acad-Pad and Dodo Pad diaries and wall calendars.

Available in a number of formats* to suit every organisational whim, budget, size of desk, kitchen counter, handbag, briefcase or rucksack, the Acad-Pad Diary and Wall Pad calendar are identical inside, as are the academic mid-year Dodo Pad diary and its wall-hanging companion.


* Please note: The sample pages shown from the ‘Search Inside’ downloadable pdfs are taken from the original desk diary. Whilst the basic design is identical in all sizes and formats, the page shape sometimes differs and therefore there may be more clear planning space above and below in other formats e.g. A5 and Personal Organiser Filofax compatible refills. Please also understand that we make the grid in the smaller formats as BIG as we possibly can within printing parameters. Both Acad-Pad and the Dodo Pad are almost entirely hand produced and take months of work each year. The grid and illustrations/designs in and around the grid are fixed and can only be increased/decreased in direct proportion.

The Dodo Pad Range

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