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Lord Dodo's Home Page



The Ancient Tomb

The tomb of the first Lord Dodo (1423-1479), showing the Dodecagon family arms and family motto


Lord DodoThe last in a long line of Doodles, the incumbent/recumbent Lord Dodo has risen to become the legendary Chairman of Dodo Products Ink.

From humble beginnings doing a paper round in Salford, he was recently voted Magnum/Magnate of the Millennium by the Department of the B.D.I. (British Doodling Institute) for his contribution to Twentieth Century Culture - the Dodo Pad. This fabulously successful diary was conceived one cold autumn morning in 1965 during a particularly dull planning meeting of Dodo Magna Parish Council.

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Dorking Sales TeamDodistan Sales Team

Many years later, Lord Dodo of Doodle's Empire straddles the Globe from Leighton Buzzard to Vladivostok, as he travels the world inspiring dynamic sales teams from Dorking to Dododistan. When resting he is invariably to be found in the Dodolomites.



Dodo TowersMeanwhile back at Lord Dodo's country seat, Dodo Towers, his doughty secretary Miss Vera Peabody and her trusty team hold the fort, fending off untoward requests from enthusiastic Dodopadlers who wish to see their feeble jokes and doodles in print.Exercising Restraint (Some of these have been featured in editions various of the Dodo Pad).

Miss P is a keen dog lover and is frequently to be seen exercising Restraint in the park as she scours the grounds for the Inventor.

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Bert Whistle


Bert Whistle, Dodo Pad Horseman of the Year, checks to see if he has forgotten anything.


Miss Davinia Dalrymple

Other members of the dodynamic team are Miss Davinia Dalrymple (Stock Control) and Bert Whistle (General Factotum). While Lord Dodo is away gathering specimens for his collection of orchids and rare dandelions they are the hub of this thriving, thrusting enterprise. From around the globe, by phone, fax and mail (regular or e), the orders pour in. As the pressure rises and stress levels increase, Miss Peabody calmly concentrates on organising the Staff Outing.


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