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The Dodo Book of the Big Move

Dodo Book of the Big Move

a move without mayhem is a move managed here

9½" x 8" (240 x 200mm), ring binder with 100 pages, 12 pockets/dividers, monthly ‘Moving Matrix’, business card holder and a strong elastic bandeau to hold everything safely inside.

Designed to accompany you every step of the way from before the sale board goes up to putting the key in the door of your new home and beyond, the Dodo Book of the Big Move is the essential moving organizer which will help to make your relocation as safe as houses.

For more detailed product information, click on the small images to see why our house moving organizer, the Book of the Big Move, is the indodispensable sift, stuff and store aid and crucial moving home checklist whether your current pile is stately or shag or your house move takes you from bedsit with en-suite to country seat with maisonette.

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The day of the new house move looms and the absent plans come home to roost bearing surveys and rafters full of rot (dry, wet and absolute) and a vat of bills from skiving solicitors and useless utility providers. Do you want to live unhappily ever after in a never-never land of bridging loans and mortgage brokers, bodging builders and broken boilers? Then plan the moving day here!

Move home without losing your marbles with Lord Dodo’s house moving organizer!

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