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Search inside or compare sizes of the latest mid-year Acad-Pad or full year Dodo Pad diaries and wall calendars

Search inside the Dodo Pad or Acad-Pad diary


Lord Dodo offers you the chance to search inside, take a peek and look through a series of sample pages from his latest 2020 Dodo Pad and 2020/21 Acad-Pad diaries and wall calendars. They are available in a number of sizes and formats* to suit every organisational whim, budget, size of desk, kitchen counter, handbag, briefcase or rucksack. Dodo Pad Diaries and Wall Pad calendars are identical inside, as is the academic mid-year Acad-Pad diary and its wall-hanging companion. (PAGE UNDER CONSTRUCTION FOR UPDATED TITLES)


2020/21 Acad-Pad

2020.21 Dodo Acad-Pad


2020 Dodo Pad

Click here to download a PDF with sample pages

Click here to download a PDF with sample pages



Compare page sizes and styles

Please call us on 0345 053 1166 during UK office hours if you need help or advice to decide which size or style is ideal for you. Sizes are shown from left to right in the images below and, unless otherwise indicated, each format is available in both the Acad-Pad and Dodo Pad ranges. Lord Dodo also produces a MONTHLY FAMILY PLANNER CALENDAR.


Desk diary or
PAX loose-leaf
spiral bound/loose-leaf
240 x 190mm

(loose-leaf - Dodo Pad only)


A5 diary
spiral bound
210 x 148mm


spiral bound
136 x 109mm


Wall Pad Calendar
wall hanging/spiral bound
240 x 190mm

(Dodo Pad only)


A5 Filofax compatible
loose-leaf refill
210 x 148mm



* Please note: The sample pages shown from the Dodo Pad and Acad-Pad in the ‘Search Inside’ downloadable pdfs are taken from the original desk diary. Whilst the basic design is identical in all formats, the page shape differs and therefore there may be more clear planning space above and below in other formats e.g. Universal A4/Letter size, A5 and Personal Organiser Filofax compatible refills. Please also understand that we make the grid in the smaller formats as BIG as we possibly can within printing parameters. Both the Dodo Pad and Acad-Pad are almost entirely hand produced and take months of work to design and develop each year. The grid and the designs in and around the grid are fixed and can only be increased/decreased in direct proportion.