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Your Nearest Stockist

Your nearest shop Dodo Pad products are available from a variety of UK stores and we update our stockist list on a regular basis to keep track of current availability.

To find your nearest UK stockist please call us on 0345 053 1166 or 0345 634 6272 for help and more detailed information or if you need overseas stockist details.

Waterstones are only stocking our A5 sized 2020 Dodo Pad diary this year. It is described on their site and in their shops as the 'Dodo Pad desk diary' (their choice of words, not ours, and against our advice!). Please note that it is a confusing description; it is NOT the ORIGINAL Dodo Pad desk diary which can be purchased online here.

If you can't find what you’re after in a store, we can always send it to you by mail order - we stock it all! There is a small UK delivery charge of £3.95, irrespective of the value of your order but, if you join our mailing list, it is often FREE depending on the value of your order. :)

(0345 numbers are FREE within bundled minutes from UK landlines/mobiles; otherwise charged at standard local call rate. Please call +44 1872 575055 if calling from overseas)

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