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Dodo Wall Pad - shown open in use

The Dodo Wall Pad. A calendar – just like the Dodo Pad diary – for those who like to organise and plan life from the wall...


Lord Dodo and his inspired research team at Dodo Products Inc. took a giant leap forward some years back and created a new family calendar organizer - the week-to-view Dodo Wall Pad.

Once securely hammered into a wall, the fear that this calendar might be stolen by friends, neighbours or relatives who are unable to resist its bright colours and brilliant jokes will be removed forever (or at least for the rest of the year).

This most marvellous of Lord Dodo's inventions now rivals the Dodo Pad family desk diary in homes where a fixed and immutable position is preferred. Like the Dodo Pad diary it can be used with a unique repositionable clear acetate page marker ('dodivider') to banish the repetition of regular appointments and committments.

More recently, for those families who prefer a month-to-view planner Lord Dodo has put pen to paper and brain to work and devised the Dodo Planner Calendar.


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