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The Dodo Pad family diary/organiser/planner is the original family diary and is still the best loved!

doodle on a dodo pad diary - full week to view

The Dodo Pad diary is Britain's best loved family organiser / planner - printed every year since 1966*. Ideal for a family of up to five people (extra family members may, at your discretion, be marginalised). It's designed so that each person’s activities can be seen on a week to view basis with plenty of room on the opposite page for notes and the occasional (or regular) doodle. Lord Dodo warns you however that this style of family organiser is highly addictive; a few long-term users are known to have tried to kick the habit, only to return (much relieved) to this most desirable organiser after just a few fleeting months away.

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*Not quite true: no 1972 edition was produced. John Verney, who started it, thought the Dodo Pad had 'had it's day'. There was such an outcry and deluge of letters to the then publishers, HarperCollins, from distraught users, that it reappeared in 1973 and has been going ever since.