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The Dodo 'PersonalPOD' personal organiser

Dodo Pad PersonalPOD personal organiser

Lord Dodo could not resist the clamour from his loyal fans whose love was equally divided between the Dodo Pad and organisers of the six hole variety.

The PersonalPOD has been specially designed in response to demand for a personal organiser, compatible with Filofax inserts, that is both affordable and stylish. Finished in grape coloured imitation cloth with subtle Dodo Pad branding, it has two deep pouched pockets on the inside covers and is held closed by a high quality contrast black/stone elastic bandeau. (19 x 13cm, ring size diameter 23mm)

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PersonalPOD with 2011 Dodo Pad diary refill PersonalPOD with 2011/12 Dodo Acad-Pad diary refill