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So, what is a Dodo Pad?

Necessity, as we know, is the mother of invention - although in this case it was Lord Dodo (a.k.a. Sir John Verney) the father, who came up with this brilliant weekly planner grid solution to life’s dates and deadlines. It was created to aid organisation in the form of a spiral bound, lie flat, almost impossible to lose (due to the nature of its annually altering, brightly coloured cover) desk diary. If you are new to the idea, you can see more details about how it works here.

And, why the Dodo?

Back in the deep recesses of the last century around 1966, the Dodo Pad diary (a week-to-view combined memo-doodle-engagement-planner-diary-organiser-message-ment book) was a new-fangled invention, instantly accepted by grateful users as utterly indodispensable. The 'headline' on the front of the Dodo Pad diary read (and still reads): 'If you too are nearly extinct with the daily pressures of modern life, then try the Dodo Pad' and on the back cover: 'After using your Dodo Pad for a year you may find you're not as extinct as all that!' with an illustration of a mother and baby dodo. The pressures of modern life are still just as relevant today and we're not extinct yet!

Largely unchanged and still as indodispensable, despite deep digital incursions, the Dodo Pad has just celebrated its 50th Anniversary 'Golden Jubilee' and to mark the beginning of its second half century is, for the first time, printed in full colour bringing a fresh new look to the diary range which we hope you will love. It incorporates a subtle palette of muted colours which one happy customer described in a Facebook message to us: 'Your new diary is sooooo beautiful! I like that the colours have this warm, filtered dimension, hard to describe for a non expert. They brighten my days without hitting me in the face'.

1966 Dodo Pad with 2017 Dodo Pad and historic fan of past editions

Over the past few years Lord Dodo has expanded a wide range of alternative formats (pocket, wall &looseleaf in various sizes (including Filofax compatible refills in Personal, A5 and A4 and soon to be A6), to suit the individual and ever widening needs of his esteemed customers.

Ten years ago, the calendar year Dodo Pad was joined by its younger offspring; the equally acclaimed mid year (August-August) Acad-Pad (perfect for students, scholars, teachers and professors).

We also produce a large month-to-view, full colour, annual Dodo Family Planner Calendar.

Click below to compare sizes, peek inside to see the design and style of these iconic diary-planner-organisers or go straight to these formats for more details and to purchase from our cyber shop:



The 2017 Dodo Pad diary and Calendar range


The 2017 Dodo Pad calendar year range is available now

2016/17 mid-year Acad-Pad range - available in 6 size formats


The 2016 - 2017 mid year Acad-Pad range, which starts in mid August, is available now