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Classic & Slimline Address Books

Choose from our classic ring-bound 'upcycled' 160 page address book which also fits our leather slipcovers or a smaller slim-line 32 page compact address book – choose the one which suits you best. Please see individual products for more details.


Classic Dodo Address Book 'upcycled' and ringbound Slim-line Dodo Address Book

Lord Dodo's classic, 'upcycled' ring-bound Dodo Address Book

24 x 19cm (9.5" x 7.5"), 160 indexed pages

This is the original Dodo Address Book upcycled into a ring-bound version with all letters of the alphabet fully tabbed for ease of reference. Store the whereabouts of friend or foe in this vintage address book first designed and imaginatively illustrated by Sir John Verney, inventor of the Dodo Pad, in 1978.


A ‘small but perfectly formed’ slim-line Dodo Address Book

21 x 14.8cm (8.25" x 5.75"), A5 size, 32 indexed pages

The close, but slim-line, cousin of the full size Dodo Address Book, reinvented as a compact version that can be kept and moved into a new diary at the end of each year eliminating the tedious annual task of copying names and addresses from one diary or personal organiser to the next. 

Address Book


The slimline address book may be used alone, but it coordinates perfectly with both Dodo Pad and Acad-Pad desk diaries (spiral bound or PAX loose-leaf ) by slotting into the pouch at the rear of the diary.

Alternatively, if a larger flexible, refillable looseleaf address book would suit your needs, then try this 160 page version Dodo PAX Address Book .

Address Book

Rave Customer Reviews

I love this address book By Floddertje (Brugge, Belgium)

I love this address book. For the Dodo-virgins among us, don't forget to buy the Dodo-pad along with the address book.

So how does the inside look like ... Each letter has it's own color. The top of the page the letter is mentioned in a huge lettertype and a little note next to. For example "A for Air Travel", "G for GAS and ...", "N for near-miss", "T for cuppa", "T for tweet-tweet", ... and underneath you find a funny cartoon. So this address book ain't boring at all. The space for each contact is large enough. I like to scribble as much as I can and here you have enough space. Pre-printed is "Name" and underneath "Address" and on the righthand side is "Tel:". Underneath nothing is mentioned so if you like you can write down the landline number, underneath the mobile number, etc. Next to Address I am able to write down the full address and even the e-mail address. There is enough space to write down the day of birth as well, ...

This is a trendy looking, spacious address book.

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