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DigiDodo - Usage & 'How-To' tutorials

Dodo with iPhone

 Click the pic to see what you can 'do-do' in a DigiDodoPad 

Welcome to the world of 'DigiDodo' - our much-loved Dodo Pad products (diaries, calendars, organisers and stationery items) recreated in digital formats to use on your iPad, tablet or handheld devices (iOS or Android) in addition to, or instead of, traditional paper.

The very first Dodo Pad diary was published well over 50 years ago. Our printed range is at the very heart of our business but we all rely on our technology and so why not incorporate into it some of Lord Dodo's wit and wisdom?

We are developing products now. They are Digital PDFs with search and copying functionality for use within a notetaking app. We've tested these apps ourselves with a panel of beta-testers; GoodNotes (iOS) and Noteshelf (iOS and Android) but of course there are other apps available.

Looking for a particular date? Type it in the search bar and be transported straight there. Want to add things in a particular month? Click on the month tabs and land instantly at the start of the month. Need to add an extra page in the middle of a month? Duplicate, at your whim, one of the extra pages included free at the end of the diary.

The 2021 DigiDodoPad diary (just click or tap to purchase) is our first digital foray but soon we will have a 2021/22 Acad-Pad, digital stickers plus other products as soon as possible.

Here are some useful tutorials we've put together to get you started:

DigiDodoPad 2021 - HOW TO USE IT - in GoodNotes (YouTube video - 17 mins)

GoodNotes how to thumbnail

DigiDodoPad 2021 - HOW TO USE IT - in Noteshelf (YouTube video - 24 mins)

Noteshelf how to thumbnail