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Dodo Blank Book


The new, bigger, better Dodo Blank Book

Buried in the ancient village of Much Havock-in-the-Mold, deep in the green heart of the verdant glades and valleys of Albion, lies the ancestral seat of Lord Dodo – Executive-in-Chief of Dodo Products Ink, the Global Publishing and New Media Conglomerate. Here at Dodo Towers, a team of Sharp Cards and Proverbial Mugs has been hard at work, preparing for the launch of the latest and most brilliant of all Lord Dodo’s inventions – The Nonlinear Opt-in Text Editor for Bio-Optically Organized Knowledge, or NOTEBOOK for short.

This revolutionary new storage device – the Dodo Blank Book - has no wires, no chips, no motherboards (or bored mothers), no crashes, no boots, no freezes. This blank journal comprises of sheets of wood pulp which are bound and ordered sequentially. Each sheet of blank paper is capable of storing thousands of bytes of information. The Dodo Blank Book works in all weathers and terrain from desert to tundra, temperate to arctic and is impervious to viruses, worms, magnetic fields and idiot operators. Could Michaelangelo have gone into ceiling design without one? Would Lord Dodo have remembered to pay the plumber to fix the Cistern in his Chapel? Did Einstein need a laptop for his Grand Unified Theory of Relatives? Where does your mother store her shopping list? Whether you’re a budding Goya or Graffiti veteran, whether your Grand Oeuvre is a Penny Dreadful or a Dollar Earner, the Dodo Blank Book will always be at hand to save your ruminations and musings from oblivion.

Available in two sizes: desk and mini (pocket). Each right hand page has a subtle squared grid, the left hand pages are left clear. Size: Desk - 24cm x 19cm, Mini - 13.6cm x 11cm. 150 pages. They both fit perfectly into a Dodo leather or recycled leather slipcover.

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