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Lord Dodo LOVES... more GIFT ideas!

Lord Dodo LOVES these!A carefully curated selection of gift ideas that Lord Dodo LOVES and hope you will love too! There are some brilliant concepts (aside from the Dodo Pad!) that other people come up with. A great example of this are the fabulous Leuchtturm pen loops that hold your pen or pencil neatly on the back cover of any book and come in a wide selection of colours; a perfect accompaniment to any Dodo Pad diary, calendar or organiser. Then there are cool pens and pencils in gorgeous colours with sparkly Swarovski crystals.

Here you will find well designed and useful, definitely colourful and maybe a bit quirky – but not necessarily always a stationery sort-of-thing - gift ideas.

Choose from the ingenious Monteverde Multi-function x 9 premium ballpoint pen (great gift for men, boys - and practically-minded girls!), through to Wristees wrist/handwarmers or clever little multi-coloured bookmarks that reference pages you need to find quickly.

Priced from £1.99 (with lots for less than a tenner!) you’re bound to find some ideal gifts here. For even more suggestions, tailored to age and temperament, try Lord Dodo’s Perfect Present Picker. So if you are looking for something with style and function, always useful and, more often than not, fun - you'll find it here!

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