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2017/18 Acad-Pad diaries & calendars

Lord Dodo's academic mid-year diary-planner-organizer with a difference.

2017/18 Acad-Pad diary & calendar range

The 2016/17 Acad-Pad range (from August to August) includes a wide variety of formats: the original spiral bound Acad-Pad desk diary, a pocket-sized Mini Acad-Pad, the wall-hanging Acad-Pad calendar, Personal and A5 Filofax compatible refills and our biggest A4 UNIVERSAL loose-leaf format (available as a refill or complete with a binder) which, with its unique 7 holes design, fits 2-ring, 3-ring and 4-ring binders - wherever in the world you happen to be! Choose which format best suits you and for more detailed details, please see individual products below. 

Lord Dodo's Academic Mid Year Diary-Planner and Calendar Range

The Acad-Pad range

Lord Dodo's academic mid-year diary-planner-organizer with a difference. This year's 2017/18 Acad-Pad range (from August to August) includes a wide variety of formats: the original spiral bound Acad-Pad desk diary, a pocket-sized Mini Acad-Pad, the wall-hanging Acad-Pad calendar, Personal and A5 Filofax compatible refills and our biggest A4 UNIVERSAL loose-leaf format (available as a refill or in its own binder) which, with its unique 7 holes design, fits 2-ring, 3-ring and 4-ring binders - wherever in the world you happen to be!

For sizes and measurements of individual Acad-Pad diary/calendar/planner formats please see below or check out the page design, different sizes and formats. For more specific details about our Filofax-compatible diary refills click here.

The Acad-Pad is ideal for the scholar or student (common in larger towns and cities, but rarely sighted in the early daytime hours) and those teachers and lecturers labouring in the academic profession (or just inextricably hooked into the college year) looking for an organiser of a different colour.

  • Academic 'mid-year' format – starts mid-August 2017 (to include the Scottish school year start) to end August 2018
  • 53 weekly grids, each divided into daily sections with five columns, with perforated corners to mark the current week (desk, loose-leaf and mini formats)
  • Week numbers noted on each weekly grid 
  • A largely blank page opposite for jottings and doodles
  • Weekly timetable to plan your daily schedule: click here for a PDF of extra blank timetables for the Acad-Pad or Wall Acad-Pad
  • 100gsm 'excellent for writing on... even in fountain pen' absorbent paper
  • All UK, USA, Australian and Canadian Public Holidays
  • Moon phases are shown so you know when the moon will light the sky! :)
  • Humorous illustrations, quotes and unusual anniversaries scattered throughout
  • Forward planners for 2017/18 and 2018/19 plus clear planning space
  • Indodispensible data section to record important telephone numbers/email addresses etc.
  • Handy ‘Stuff and Store’ pouch (in the desk diary and wall pad calendar) to hold critical pieces of paper and in which (should you so desire) to keep the ‘Small but Perfectly Formed’ Dodo Address Book

For sizes and measurements of individual Acad-Pad diary/calendar/planner formats please see here or click on the product images below. Alternatively, we are always delighted to speak on the phone if you need help in deciding which size/style is best for you. Call us on 0345 053 1166 (during UK business hours).

2017/18 Academic Mid Year Diary - Dates and Deadlines

Acad-Pad dates and deadlines

The Dodo ACAD-PAD is the ideal (and by far the most amusing) academic mid-year diary-planner-organiser. Its five separate columns provide space for the detailed daily timetable of activity (or inactivity) as well as being 'indodispensible' for logging phone numbers, train-times and other miscellaneous appointments. A weekly timetable at the start of the year allows you to plan it all out.

As well as planning your days and weeks via this unique grid system (that has been researched and thoroughly tested over more years than we care to admit to), special facilities have been provided in the ACAD-PAD for you to doodle.

Invaluable memory jogger in a choice of seven sizes / formats

memory jogger

It is recommended that the 2017/18 ACAD-PAD diary-planner-organiser-calendar be kept close at hand at all times. Unexplained, ‘morning-after’ discoveries of stray pads have been recorded in such obscure locations as ‘my flat-mate’s sock drawer’, ‘under the kitchen sink’ and ‘on top of the telephone booth at the bottom of the street’.

The 2017/18 Acad-Pad can be attached to the wandering academic by belt, bike or buckle - ensuring that it may be employed at any moment for the aversion of potential disaster, bouts of forgetfulness and unexplained episodes of bad luck.

Instant invisibility

instant invisibility

The ACAD-PAD can be held up to head height and is made to measure (one size fits all) for immediate concealment of the holder at any given moment, particularly useful in cafes, library, and/or middle of the street for the avoidance of any number of tricky situations. It is a perfect hand-held disguise for those unwanted/ unexpected encounters.

"The Dodo technique for self-concealment is much quicker than growing a beard - I should know I’ve tried both" (Hairy Harry - Bath University)

Doodler's delight


Doodling - Special facilities have been provided in the design of the ACAD-PAD for this essential activity. The Dodo ACAD-PAD encourages you to doodle creatively and thereby preserve the covers of nearby library books, café tables, train/bus head-rests, college walls etc. Those at a loss for inspiration will find suggestive hints to quicken their imagination on every diary page. A blank, or nearly blank, space is also provided for this purpose on facing pages.

Look inside

Search inside or take a peek at the latest Acad-Pad and Dodo Pad diaries and wall calendars

Lord Dodo is dodelighted to offer you the chance to search inside, take a peek and look through a series of sample pages from his latest Acad-Pad and Dodo Pad diaries and wall calendars.

Available in a number of formats* to suit every organisational whim, budget, size of desk, kitchen counter, handbag, briefcase or rucksack, the Acad-Pad Diary and Wall Pad calendar are identical inside, as are the academic mid-year Dodo Pad diary and its wall-hanging companion.


* Please note: The sample pages shown from the ‘Search Inside’ downloadable pdfs are taken from the original desk diary. Whilst the basic design is identical in all sizes and formats, the page shape sometimes differs and therefore there may be more clear planning space above and below in other formats e.g. A5 and Personal Organiser Filofax compatible refills. Please also understand that we make the grid in the smaller formats as BIG as we possibly can within printing parameters. Both Acad-Pad and the Dodo Pad are almost entirely hand produced and take months of work each year. The grid and illustrations/designs in and around the grid are fixed and can only be increased/decreased in direct proportion.

What the Press & bloggers say about the Dodo Acad-Pad...

The Daydreamer

Thank heavens for my Dodo (Acad) Pad. Honestly, I don't know what I'd do without it. I note everything down on my Dodo (Acad) Pad and keep track of what's due and when, who's coming and when, where I'm going and when, and so on. Even better, it goes right on through 2011. I really don't know where I'd be without it. Or where my marbles would be.

The Dodo (Acad) Pad is practical and helps with keeping track of deadlines, appointments, etc - but it also has a fun, quirky side to it, making the dull responsibilities of life that little bit more bearable. Read more

Madhouse Family Reviews

For the past few years, I've bought a family organiser diary from Organised Mum which allows me to keep tabs on every member of the family on a day-to-day basis, but when I was offered the chance to review a Dodo Acad Pad, I decided to see how it compared. Well, the answer is, very well indeed. Read more

Adventures of and English Mum Reviews

...all I can say is that I love it.....basically it's a wall planner based on the academic year, which is great for those of us that work in education and students that are just heading back to school/college/university. They also sell filofax pages, a desk pad and a mini acad-pad for all types of Scholars and Lecturers....

Not only is it bright and funky it's also purple which is one of my favourite colours!!! Each week is set out across a page which has five separate columns for each day of the week, for you to divide up as you chose. Read more

MammaMcCann (no longer hosted)

Diaries and I have always had an uneasy seems to me that the best kind of organiser anyone could create is one that's predesigned for a messy disorganised mind to run riot with pen or pencil without feeling bad about it. Such as 2010-11's Dodo-Acad pad. For those unfamiliar with the world of Lord Dodo, the acad pad is the student sibling of the original (more family-centric) Dodo Pad desk diary. Each week has an adaptable grid-style planner (in the acad-pad's case, covering the academic year) with an accompanying page opposite containing random facts, quotes, humour and most importantly - space to doodle. The pad works as a functioning diary, but also has a 'random' feel.

Helena - University student blogger

I have got the Dodo Acad-Pad desk diary for 2010/11 and can’t wait to start using it properly. Each week has its own double page in the diary with one of those pages being for the 7 days and the other free for notes.  Every page has a different design which really brightens up the diary and just makes you want to use it! Read more...

The Dodo Acad-Pad is a great resource for kids at school. Following the school year as opposed to the Jan-Dec year, this pad has a page per week with 5 boxes per day, with plenty of room to fill in. Each page is opposite a blank doodling page with some witty artwork and comments.

My son is merrily doodling on this opposite page, leaving the page with writing on and important details still clear so it is actually legible! The diary features the well known dodo of the Dodo Pad brand.

With important (and not so important) dates on the calendar, this book is sure to please any son or daughter and help them keep slightly more organised. It’s also great for Mums and Dads – this is because kids will love to fill them in and if they let you look you will now have an idea of what they’re doing at school! It would also for those more mature students who work, bring up children and go to college!

Families Glasgow

Loved by students, scholars and absent-minded professors, or indeed anyone whose life revolves around the academic calendar, this year’s new diary will not disappoint.

Families Edinburgh

The weekly grids divide each day in to five handy columns, throwing even the most disorganised student/teacher/ academic an organisational rubber ring.

Education Guide

With shiny shoes and a smart new tie, the pocket sized MINI ACAD PAD is ready for its first day at school

Family Fun Guide

Sharp humor, creative illustrations and an array of intriguing facts, is guaranteed to keep any student amused

Full House

Help kids organise their lesson-crammed, event jammed, homework-packed lives. The diaries are loved by students.


The Acad-Pad has an original quirky style... It has lots of space for doodles and a useful pocket for papers. It will appeal to those who feel Organised Mum is a bit too ‘domestic goddess’ and instead plan on being gracefully and humourously disorganised this year.

Families Vale of York

The ACAD-PAD, spawned a few years ago from the Dodo Pad (Britain’s best-loved desk diary for more than 40 years), continues to score top marks by becoming one of the most highly sought after academic diaries available.

Families Epsom Sutton Croydon

Perfect, we thought, for busy families.

The Acad-Pad Range

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