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Marvellous Mugs

Lord Dodo's Old Proverbial Mugs 25% off SALE!
China mugs in blue, yellow and white. Choose from twelve proverbs available in two sizes: Regular (250ml) @ £8.95 (now just £6.70) or Large (450ml) @ £10.95 (now just £8.20). All mugs are completely dishwasher and microwave safe. LIMITED STOCKS LEFT

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The mugs shown were created by Bee Peak who, in a previous incarnation, helped Lord Dodo create some of his wonderful produce.

OLD FRENCH PROVERB ‘It is always the impossible that happens’

OLD SPANISH PROVERB ‘How beautiful it is to do nothing and then rest afterwards’

OLD AFRICAN PROVERB ‘Cross the river before you abuse the crocodile’

OLD CHINESE PROVERB ‘The birds of sadness may fly overhead but don’t let them nest in your hair’

OLD AMERICAN PROVERB ‘Some days you’re the statue and some days you’re the pigeon’

OLD BARBADIAN PROVERB ‘The new broom sweeps clean but the old broom knows the corners’

OLD JAPANESE PROVERB ‘Daylight will peep through a very small hole’

OLD IRISH PROVERB ‘Take the drink for the thirst that is yet to come’

OLD YIDDISH PROVERB 'One chops the wood – the other does the grunting.’

OLD CHINESE PROVERB ‘All gardeners know better than other gardeners.’

OLD LORE ‘Pray to God but keep rowing to the shore.’

OLD MADAGASCAN PROVERB ‘Don’t think of the shortness of the day but of the length of the year.’

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