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Dodo Book of the Precious Pet

Front and back covers
Guaranteed to alleviate animal owner anxiety

9½" x 8" (240 x 200mm), ring binder with 100 pages, 8 pockets/dividers, a ‘Growing Gallery’ for pictures of your pets, together with 60 free photo-corners, a zip-lock pouch and a strong elastic bandeau to hold everything safely inside.

Purchasing a Book of the Precious Pet organizer for your pretty pooch, proud peacock or prickly porcupine will possibly be the most perfect pluck you’ve made. If you’re having kittens organizing your pet care, then let our essential organizer smooth those ruffled feathers. With separate sections to cover all your pet’s needs, this handy pet file comes with eight pouched dividers and is a real life-saver if your home is more like a zoo!

This ring bound, refillable wipe-clean organizer has plenty of pages to fill each section for recording reminders, a zip-lock pouch to stuff with documents or receipts, a ‘Growing Gallery’ to record those magical moments and even some photo-corners so you can include photographs of your scaly, spiky, shelled, furry or feathery friends. So if you have a pedigree parrot, a turtle who needs training, a grasshopper who needs grooming, a food-fussy fish, a virus-ridden vulture, an insect in need of insurance or a baboon who needs some bedding, keep things simple with the Book of the Precious Pet. And it works perfectly well for a divine canine or lazy lap-cat too!

For more detailed product information, click on the small images to see why the Book of the Precious Pet is the indodispensable sift, stuff and store aid for pet lovers everywhere.

Separate and Regulate

Separate and Regulate

Our Book of the Precious Pet organizer will help you keep track of everything to do with your pets by filling these eight humorously illustrated dividers which come with a deep pouch to organize lists, notes and cuttings.

  • Vet & Vaccinations
  • Pedigree & Kennels
  • Training
  • Grooming
  • Food
  • Insurance
  • Bedding & Equipment
  • Miscellaneous
  • Plus 100 pages for notes, lists and ideas

Stuff and Store

Stuff and Store

Lord Dodo and his pet loving heir, young James (owner of no fewer than three precious pets), have personally tested all eight pouches of the Book of the Precious Pet organizer for their ‘stuffability’ potential and can confirm that they may be safely filled with any pet related matter that you need to file and save.

Growing Gallery

Growing Gallery

Lord Lord Dodo has generously provided a special ‘Growing Gallery’ section in this pet organizer in which you can place up to 20 photos of your pet or pets as they grow and mature. There are also 60 free photo-corners and a a strong ziplock pouch.

You’ll also find enclosed in your pet journal, a brilliant storage medium to help you further customise your Book of the Precious Pet. 100 pages of virgin paper capable of storing thousands of bytes of information (that might otherwise disappear into the ether causing untoward anxiety) which may be slotted into the sections of your choice..

Paper Dodo

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Alleviate animal-owner anxiety with the Dodo Book of the Precious Pet.
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This is a great organiser to keep track of all your dog's vet appoinment and regular treatment.

If you are thinking about getting a pet for your kids this Christmas, then this is a fabulous addition to help them keep on top of their new responsibilities. P-p-p-picking up a Book of the Precious Pet for your pretty pooch will most probably be the most perfect pluck you've made this year!
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The Dodo Book of the Precious Pet

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