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Tally Ho Dodo!

Front and back covers

Keep a tight rein on your horse sense with this equine organiser for happy horses

9½" x 8" (240 x 200mm), hard backed ring binder equine organizer with 100 pages, 12 pockets/dividers, a wipe-clean perennial calendar for vet and farrier appointments and much more, plus zip-lock pouch and a strong elastic bandeau to hold everything safely inside.

Don’t have a mare with your pony care! Say goodbye to chaos with Tally Ho Dodo!, Dodo-Pad’s Equine Organizer for Happy Horses and ‘Tally Ho!’ to your disorganised stable and unruly horse!

If you bolt at the thought of missing the Farrier, or get your reins in a tangle over which gymkhanas to jump at, then let this essential organizer bring you back to a gentle gallop. With separate sections for the management of all your equine needs, this handy horse journal comes with twelve pouched dividers and is a real life-saver if your life is turning into a muck heap. The record book has sections covering:

Saddlery & Bedding, Feed, Farrier, Lessons & Training, Livery, Transport, Vet & Dentist, Complementary Therapies, Events & Gymkhanas, Membership Notes, Insurance, Miscellaneous plus 100 pages for notes, lists and ideas, a wipe-clean perennial calendar to chart vet and farrier appointments and a clear ziplock pouch.

This ring bound, refillable wipe-clean organiser also has plenty of pages ready for you to fill each section with records and reminders and a further clear zip-lock pouch to stuff with documents, receipts or rosettes. There’s even a section for Complementary Therapies allowing you to experiment and record the effects of alternative therapies - bringing calm to both you and your four legged friend!

So if your thoroughbred is thoroughly awkward or your filly both fickle and filthy, whether you are the proud owner of a yard full of follies or simply a one-trick pony, then keep things simple with Tally Ho Dodo! - guaranteed to rein in the confusion and free up some space.

Don’t overreach yourself. Remember - whinnying isn’t everything.

For more detailed product information, click on the small images in the right to see why Tally Ho Dodo! is the indodispensable sift, stuff and store aid for horse and pony owners everywhere.

Separate and Regulate

Separate and Regulate

The Tally Ho equine organizer helps you with the record keeping of everything to do with your favourite filly by filling these twelve humorously illustrated dividers, each of which comes with a deep pouch to organize lists, notes and cuttings.

  • Saddlery & Bedding
  • Feed
  • Farrier Lessons & Training
  • Livery
  • Transport
  • Vet & Dentist
  • Complementary Therapies
  • Events & Gymkhanas
  • Membership Notes
  • Insurance
  • Miscellaneous

Stuff and Store

Stuff and Store

Lord Dodo’s gallant grooms have personally tested all twelve pouches of this equine organizer for their ‘stuffability’ potential and can confirm that they may be safely filled with any horse or pony related matter that you need to file and save.

Plan in Perpetuity

Plan in Perpetuity

Lord Dodo has generously provided a special Perennial Planner in his Tally Ho Dodo equine organizer to help you organize those regular requirements to keep your pony in peak condition. Note clipping and worming appointments, inoculations and visits of the vet, as well as insurance renewals and any other ongoing obligations.

You’ll also find enclosed a brilliant storage medium to help you further customise your Equine Organizer. 100 pages of virgin paper capable of storing thousands of bytes of information (that might otherwise disappear into the ether causing untoward anxiety) which may be slotted into the sections of your choice.

Paper Dodo

What the Press say about Tally Ho Dodo, the Equine Organiser for Happy Horses...

Equestrian Plus, All Horse, Welsh Rider, South East Rider, East Anglia Rider -review by Cara Moon an independent reader and registered rider

I used to keep all my documents, bills and the pile of paperwork that slowly mounts up when you own a horse in one drawer, so I was very intrigued to see if this would help me manage everything more efficiently, tidily and in one place. I’m pleased to report that I now have an empty drawer and I keep all my vital paperwork; insurance documents, riding club membership and so on in neat compartments set out in this handy organiser.

The modern and funky design really sets this apart from your average organiser and it is interspersed with witty comments and quotes. With logical and clearly marked sections ranging from feed to lessons and training, the vet and dentist, insurance and transport plus many more, you really will be able to become truly organised and file everything away in one convenient place. It also includes a Perennial Planner for all those important dates and appointments and 50 sheets of clean paper so that you can keep everything under control. I have no excuse to forget another appointment again!

Paces Has your schedule gone to seed? Need a bit of help getting your grooming, vet checks and horse care organised? Look no further than this Equine Organiser from Dodo-Pad. With separate sections for things like saddlery and bedding, feed, farrier, livery, vet and insurance, you'll soon rein in any unruly habits. All your equine needs and appointements are covered - and all in an attractive format.
East Anglia Rider With lots of different sections to help you organise things like feed, lessons, competitions, transport and diet, this is a great book.
Horse & Pony There are sections for every part of your pony's care
Families East This equine organiser might actually be pretty useful for those active families whose free time revolves around the stables
Horse & Rider Store vital paperwork, make important notes and jot down appointments
Hooked on Horses It's sure to rid your life of stable strife

Tally Ho Dodo, the Equine Organiser for Happy Horses

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