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Dodo Towers – Official Tour Guide

Following intensive refurbishment, Lord Dodo is delighted to welcome you into his home. Entry is absolutely free and the rooms on the ground floor of the house are always open to the public, as is the Master Bedroom - accessed by the main staircase.

Viewing the rooms is easy – there are four elevations to observe in each room - simply click on the purple pointing fingers at the sides to navigate your way around the room.

Move your mouse around to explore and reveal. Many of the artefacts are old and fragile so please take care if you touch and handle them. All breakages must be paid for. Mousing over the various items can produce interesting results: clicking on them may, or may not, give you more than you bargain for... You might just be lucky and see Lord Dodo himself.

You may view each room through any door which opens – please click to enter. Unlike some stately homes, in Dodo Towers you can move around freely and return anywhere, any time, from any direction.

See Floor Plan for a detailed layout of the ground floor.

For your interest and delectation, Lord Dodo has kindly placed various of his marvellous produce in each room - please note that Lord Dodo is rather fond of his hot beverages and, being a little absent-minded, has a habit of leaving Dodo mugs all over the place – we apologise in advance.

IF YOU ARE IN A HURRY you may prefer to take the tour another time and go directly to details of Dodo Produce (see nav bar above) or straight to the Gift Shop in the basement. This is accessed via the elevator in the Grand Hall or by clicking on ‘Go Shopping Now’ in the top bar of this web site.

A word of warning… Dodo Towers is a house of astonishing character; things will happen, odd noises will occur when you least imagine – expect the unexpected! PLEASE, on no account touch the curtains in the Master Bedroom as this has been known, amongst other things, to fuse the electrics.

Take a tour of Dodo Towers!

Lord Dodo is indebted to Ms Naomi McBride for her stunning and accurate renditions of Dodo Towers and Catalyst Web Design for placing them in cyberspace.