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Lord Dodo is almost always pleased to hear from his esteemed customers. Thankfully, due to the exceptional service his dedicated Customer Service Team provides, the gripes are very few and far between. And when the compliments flow, he likes to share them! You may also read customer reviews, independently collected on our behalf by 'Trusted Shops', here.


I've not used your acad pad before, although I've had the wall pad which I can't live without. They are great, I'm thrilled with them and September planning grows less frightening by the day . I am also very happy with the smoothness of the paper and will continue to order your stuff . Thanks Jennifer H

I just love the Dodo diaries, you bring a unique humour to what many make boring. People always get a chuckle when they spot the open page. Clare S

I just listened to your voicemail. What incredible customer service, pretty rare but very appreciated so thank you ever so much. The printed weeks are a fantastic help! Look forward to receiving my wall pad soon. Thanks a million! Ellie R

Thank you so much for your incredibly prompt reply. Jeannie emailed me this afternoon and is resending the order. I'm very impressed with the service I have received, so much better than many other companies. I will recommend the Dodo company to friends and colleagues. I have already had many compliments about the Academic loose leaf diary I bought in June - which is now very well used! I look forward to receiving my order. Once again many thanks. Hannah W

I'm looking forward to receiving my Dodo Pad, which I have used every day/week/month for 8 years (and before that, in the 80s, for about 10 years). It's the only way I can write my to-do lists, and it serves as a diary too, because the whole thing is fun and not just a bog-standard notebook. Thanks Lord Dodo. Susan C

I don't know what I am going to do, now that I don't have you and Jeannie to harass anymore!! Thank you for putting up with me and the myriad of mistakes I made. You are wonderful! SLL

I’ve purchased a diary, Book of Wellbeing, and a DodoPod System so far… and I keep coming back for more! The beauty and utility of the product in itself has ensured I will never use another diary, however my loyalty has been inspired by one extra factor: the customer service I have received from the Dodo team. E-mails sent at 6pm in the evening answered by 9pm of the same, e-mails of thanks receiving grateful responses…to contact these guys & receive such a personal, valued response, in this day and age of mass-produced consumer goods, makes you feel that there is a room in Lord Dodo’s mansion where you’ll be beckoned down onto the rug in front of the fire, with a doodle-book and a pen of your very own, and you’ll know that they are glad you turned up! Fi W

Please pass on my thanks to your customer service person for sorting out my order, it was much appreciated and her 5 minutes with me on the phone has won her a customer for life. Great stuff. It's heartening to know the world is not full of numpties – as the media would have us believe! Many thanks and Happy Easter to all at Dodo Towers. Georgina W

I love your products!!! I've been a user since I attended Cambridge during my undergrad and you guys are the greatest. Here's the thing - my job requires me to keep an electronic calendar which I sync with my iPad and I'm wondering if you're even considering an app for mobile devices? Part of me feels like that would be a desecration, but I would definitely be willing to pay for your calendar as an app that I could sync with google calendars or outlook and money is king, after all (except in England where the queen is still the queen). Anyways, I'll probably end up getting a 2012 planner either way and just double up on all my planning, but I'd really love to see an app someday... Thanks so much for all the joy/order dodo-pads have always brought to my life. MacKenna G

I am so impressed with your quick and personal response. Thank you so much for putting my mind at rest, and for working at such a late hour to do so. I've used and loved your products for many years but now I am even more impressed by your company! Helen J

I have cybervisited Dodo Towers, nice place you have there! At the beginning of the Acad-Pad, you say that the paper 'can be written on in pencil, ball-point, fountain pen, crayon, eyebrow pencil, lipstick or blood.' I got my wettest inking fountain and tried a test page. No feather and minimal bleed through. Very impressed! Helen S

Dear Jeannie, Many thanks for the prompt order and extra requests. I am thrilled with all the products. 11/10 for customer service. Many thanks Chris

Just wanted to thank you. I received my 2012 Dodo - pad, leather slip cover, stickers and pen today and I think that they are all fab...just sorry that I have only recently found did I manage before? Thanks again. Esther

Jeannie - Had a text from my sister saying the DoDo has landed!! She was just picking it up from the Post Office. I just wanted to send my thanks for your wonderful customer service. I think you went to extraordinary lengths to ensure the delivery was made. Thank you once again and I will be re-ordering this year. My extended family say they couldn't live without them. Jim W

Just want to let you know that I received my dodo pad refills last week and am absolutely smitten with them! Shyama S

Dear Jeannie, Just to let you know that my parcel arrived yesterday. I wanted to let you know how much I have appreciated the wonderful service with regards my order. My initial order was lost, which although outside your control, was of genuine bother to you. There was never any question of my order being resent, and still at the sale price which it was at when I placed the order. I didn't even need to ask. There was no fight to be fought, as there sometimes is when ordering goods over the internet. I am very pleased with the professional way I have been dealt with, and also very pleased with my new book! Many Thanks. Claire P

Lord Dodo - Many thanks for the replacement PAX folder. It arrived today and I’m very pleased with the entire pack and as it’s my first Dodo, I’m looking forward to filling it with my musings, doodles and other random bits of information to keep my life a little bit more organised. I am a bit concerned however that I shall now be going back on the website to purchase other lovely Dodo items almost immediately! Thanks again for the great service!
Dododelighted, Sara

Dodo pad diary no. 15 has just arrived...congratulations - last year's addition of the tear off corner was good but the clear and moveable divider has almost reached perfection...Mary S

Perfect - exactly what I needed! Your customer service really is outstanding - excellence and beyond. Jane

Hallo Jeannie, Thank you very much for your speedy action on this. I should have known that as soon as I asked the question the package would arrive!  It came by the very late post this afternoon.  I really appreciate your action on this, and am prompted to say, Dodos for ever! I am highly impressed by the way you have dealt with this. Very best regards, Ruth

Many thanks for your prompt response to my recent emails. I am writing directly to you just to tell you that Jeannie did indeed telephone me this morning....i wanted to say thank you for such excellent customer care..i have been buying from you for a number of years and this kind of service is one of the reasons i keep returning....I have posted Jeannie a separate card to say thank you to i used the PO Box address i do hope she receives it safely, along with a gold star from her boss!!! Ann

Many thanks for your prompt reply and also for taking the trouble to rectify the situation. It is SO rare these days to find anyone who is so helpful and professional. Trust Dodo-pad not to let me down.

My family have been getting the Dodo-pad for over 25 years. I have been getting it since 1985 and still keep every copy for reference purposes. Your new additions are great and I have recommended or bought them for friends and family. Best wishes to all at Dodo. Liz S

Nothing can compare to the Dodo Pad for being clever and funny and yet also keeping our lives straight so well! Laurie H

Many thanks for the prompt reply, very friendly and speedy customer service. Cathy

Hi Jeannie! The parcel has already arrived in India, less than 1 week after you sent it - amazing...

I have all my dodo pads going back to 1973, I was delighted to keep them as part of my divorce settlement. Eleanor M

Thanks so much for your help - tell Lord Dodo I am super-impressed (do-delighted...) by his Customer Service team, you have been incredibly helpful! cheers, Nienke

Thanks so much. The service from Dodopad is second to none JO XX

I have spoken to you today regarding a missing parcel and I just have to let you know that the customer service I received from you was wonderful. It's so refreshing in these days of automated services to talk to a real live person who cares about the service they are giving and who goes out of their way to be of help. Thank you so much, I will continue to use company with every confidence in the service that I will receive from you. Linda B

Name: Teresia B, from Sweden
Hi, I’ve just got my second DodoPad for 2009, and I’m so happy! Every week gets an adventure by having the DodoPad and It’s wonderful to start every New week! I was introduced by a friend this year and I was very eager to have another one for 2009, and I’ve got it recently. Thanks a lot for producing this wonderful calendar!!! Sincerely Teresia, Performance artist from Sweden

Keep up the fab work in Dodo towers – I’d be lost without my Dodo pad and have converted 100s of my closest friends to the delights of the Dodo pad – once converted, the path is impossible to stray from – I’m in my 10th year. Sally

Dear Lord Dodo, I have just been leafing through your catalogue, received here at Pink Handbag HQ this morning, and it occurred to me that with your plethora of Dodopads, do you think people would appreciate a Dodopad organizer for their Dodopads? With Dodopads for moving, Christmas, pregnancy, dates, doodles, pets, and general doodles, it could become overwhelming. Although my husband has suggested yet another possible Dodopad for Dodo sightings. That would last a long time. We love Dodopads in our house. My seven year old son has requested his own Dodopad for 2009. With best wishes, Jane S

Dear Lord Dodo, I am writing to correct an oversight on your product descriptions. I have found the pages of my Dodo-Acad Pad to dry very quickly, without any of that page sticking together problem that lesser products demonstrate. Thank you for your service to organization, Margaret Esse quam videri

Thank you for the Dodo Academic diary. I am a learning mentor (basically mop up the tears, and calm down 'angry young men') in a HUGE secondary school. For me, each page represents a school week, and each little box is a lesson (I add one on the space at the end as we have six lessons a day, but that's do-able!). At the top of each column I put the number of the period, and in the little boxes I write down who I am seeing during that lesson, how easy is that! Even for a (slightly) ditsy person, who is also inclined to be a little forgetful at times (!) it is (almost- and that's good enough for me) foolproof. The opposite page becomes full of reminders and meeting notes (and doodles of hearts and flowers!?) in no time, but I know that later on in the hectic term, my overfull brain will turn to (ditsy) pink mush and I'll be glad of those little rambling comments that mean nothing to anyone else (sometimes it takes me a couple of hours and several cups of tea to decipher them, but at least they are there!). My customising of the diary ready for this school year is pretty butterfly printed wrapping paper and sticky-back plastic (sorry, can't afford a cover on my salary). Twee, I know, but hey........ that's me!!!! Anyway, bored you for long enough. Just love it, and wanted you to know. Debbie

Thank the Lord!! Since my sister in-law started buying me one for my birthday every Jan I haven't been able to live without them. Fabulous, brilliant, the best calendar EVER Many many thanks. Sarah

I just wanted to say that my dodo pad and the beautiful cover in that lovely aqua colour are ace and well worth waiting for. I find I am dodelighted every day. I hope things are going swimmingly for you all, yours most sincerely, Mrs. M. V

I have been meaning to write for some weeks to say what a pleasure it is to deal with you all at Dodopad. Your customer services are second to none. Having recently dealt with companies whose sole aim seems to be to keep the customer guessing, it is so refreshing to be kept informed of the status of orders. Yes, the slip cover for the Dodopads was delayed, but I had a courteous e-mail explaining the situation, giving me the opportunity to cancel the order and offering a free gift by way of compensation for the delay. It still arrived in good time for Christmas and was worth the wait.
Thank you for looking after your customers so well.

A very happy Christmas to all at Dodo Towers. Georgie S

Dear Jeannie
Thank you so much for your prompt response. A company lives and dies on its Customer Services Department and Lord Dodo is to be much commended. I hope he hasn't cast too many of his relations out into the winter snows. Once again, thank you. Caroline M

Many thanks indeed. I was most surprised, and impressed, to get your call last night. I can see it would have been difficult to explain that in an e-mail without the risk of causing offence and I much appreciate your efforts on my behalf. Thank you again. Helen J

Just want to say a huge thank you for the prompt delivery of goods ordered. Very very impressed. Sue G

Hi Dodo...Thanks for your mail. YES of course I'll order earlier. I bought your 'Normal' Diary two weeks ago !! & it was only when my Daughter asked if she could have the Academic Year Diary that I SAW it - I don't think they had it in John Lewis - But I shall pick up your message later & Many many thanks for your swift reply. Really Excellent service ! I run a Sales Company & its so nice to be looked after, I really appreciate it - Great Products by the Way. With kind regards, Karen I

I love your website, it is fantastically original and is brilliant retail theatre. It's deliciously ridiculous, I love it! This has to be the most entertaining way to shop ever. Zoe H

There I was minding my own business in my local John Lewis & one of your books jumped out at me. By the time I had put it down, because I kept "reacting" out loud, the sales girl in that area & several customers had gathered around to see what I was looking at. Funny enough 3 years ago I had an idea to create a book/binder type thing for a Christmas present for friends. It never quite gets off the ground but each October I go through a phase of taking the file & doing a little more towards getting something together. Well, this hit the spot & even in a bigger way than I could have ever created. So, I will hate to admit this to anyone & probably won't for awhile, but thanks to discovering your guide ("Cook") I now have my Christmas shopping done!!!! Mark G

i recieved my dodo book of the big day and i am so pleased with it my wedding is in sept and although my budget is small being my second wedding i just had to have this book to keep my thoughts and ideas in one place and to keep as a reminder after! it is so wonderful i looked everywhere beforehand for this sort of book but no one else did anything like it then i came across yours via google so once again thanks very much it is the best. Beverley H